Our Journey to TAD Summit- Programmable Telecoms: What Needs to be done

Team OVOO attended TAD summit 2018, Lisbon. It was a two days event, held on 13-14 of November, for Programmable Telecoms. Different enthusiasts from the same chapter were there who not only introduced themselves in the market but also shared some recommendations for making the telecom sector flourish around the world.

TAD Summit- How was the experience


This event was basically for vendors, partners and telcos working on innovation, enterprise services, APIs and enablers, strategy. The Programmable Telecoms was further divided in three subsidies i.e. Programmable Telecoms in the Enterprise, Programmable Telecoms in Customer Interactions and Programmable Telecoms for Telcos where OVOO took part and one of team member spoke on Evolution of the Telco Services Plane.


OVOO team basically reviewed the evolution of the telco services plane and discussed how OVOO is meeting that evolution. With this ever growing technological world, IoTs are no more a dream to come true rather nations are presently exercising them. Worldwide countries are becoming connected and smarter with each upcoming technology.


By 2020, IoTs are going to flood networks with a number of sensors and enterprises are expected to more sufficient and low latency connections. But the question arises are we ready to fulfil 2020 customers’ demands.


Programmable Telecoms: What Needs to be done


Today’s telco deals with a different set of realities. There are several new trends besides the rejection of the landline among which the one is the lower cost and higher availability of mobile technology. No doubt, mobile usage is increasing even outstripping landline usage but among more and more mobile users, data usage is surpassing when compared to voice traffic.

Right now people are enjoying 4G traffics but anxiously waiting for 5G infrastructure as telcos can’t get away without it. As the 5G technology will offer 100 gigabits per connectivity it is 1,000 times as fast as 4G connectivity. So why can’t the telco of the future live without it? Because of the Internet of Things (IoT).

So with rising technology, Telcos should be prepared for the following things, such as:

  • Data usage is outstripping traffic. Soon machine to machine data will even surpass that so network must be optimized for data traffic rather than voice traffic.
  • For instance, for a network to function, voice traffic should become data traffic for living in a data optimized network.
  • As data traffic on Wi-Fi networks is exceeding the traffic on cellular networks, Telcos now need to examine their architectures to accommodate it.
  • This world is more relying on virtual reality and software-defined networking (SDN) is handling it well with the dedicated switches and routers. Soon telcos will have to investigate whether the SDN approach better suits their traffic or some new means should be adopted.

In short, now customer want to enjoy unified services such as voice video, messaging etc. at the same time. Everyone is still waiting for 5G as traditional platforms are very heavy for DevOps approach which is cost effective. But Due to an insufficient budget, will telecom operators be able to fulfil customers’ demands. No, so government should increase the budget for Telecom industry which is the only way it can flourish. In the end, OVOO gave their proposal based on the tagline “We believe in evolution instead of Revolution”.


Team OVOO also shared views on how to move forward in ever-growing telecom market trends. And the best of all solution was to follow the IT market trends. In the panel discussion, Mr Greg Sikora from OVOO discussed different challenges and opportunities related to service plane. Our core products such as Online Charging System, Prepaid Call Control, Service Broker, Convergent Messaging Gateway and Telecom Application Server were also discussed.


avocado OCS 1.0.0 GA

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Overall it was an interesting event for telecom and technology sector and different brands who look forward

to create their future attended the event.


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