Blockchain is a shared and decentralized digital ledger consisting of unchangeable records called blocks that are used to record and track transactions across many computers. OVOO is proud to be one of the businesses that invest resources into R&D of blockchain.


What is Blockchain

Blockchain is secure, real-time and global. In the real world it can be used to save transactions of any valuable assets. It can be used to support anything from payment networks and logistics to business deals and telecommunication data management. Blockchain gives us transactional transparency, higher security and what’s more important can reduce costs of your business.

Security, transparency, speed... system based on peer-to-peer network means there are no central networks, verification systems or any hackable failure points, whilst staying open to anyone! The user can view the entire history from the very beginning up to present day.


Who is blockchain for?

Blockchain technology is promising and rapidly growing. There are many cases where blockchain is used: trading, electronic settlement, currency exchange or accounting ledger in banking.


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