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We do what we are the best at, that is creating a future technology. We gained years of experience with leading operators and suppliers around the world. We expand our horizons invariably, keep ahead of current trends and introduce new solutions.
A company profile is strictly focused on a narrow field which is our domain. Professionalism is the one that is the most crucial for us.


There are many variations of our services. Take a look what we can do for you and choose what suits you the best.

Telecommunication service

We deliver IN (CAP1/2/3, MAP) and IMS (SIP, Diameter) services based on JSLEE and SipServlet technologies. We have long experience in projects supported by references of Polish operators. Our knowledge allows to provide a project, starting from a analysis phase tand stopping at the start of production.


A delivery of provisioning systems that support a multi-system environment. We provide solutions for automatic, manual and mass communications, according to the customer needs. A flexible approach to the technology used - a choice depends on customer needs and a system environment. Great competence in safety matters.

Mobile applications

Developing applications for iOS, Android, Firefox. Providing a logic server for mobile applications.

Charging and rating

A technical offer for rating and charging. Integration with call control layer.

Web solutions

Creating web applications using the latest technologies. We create holistic communication solutions based on WebRTC and WebSockets.

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The main features of OVOO Employees

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Creativity and innovation

These are the basic features required from team members. We take part in interesting projects that take advantage of the latest technological innovations.

Expert knowledge

All OVOO team members have to be characterized by professionalism that comes from experience.


Meeting the deadline in a project completion is a result of our professionalism. We are not a factory. Effectiveness is based on knowledge and experience, not on the size of a team.

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The best about working in OVOO

  • Work with the best TELCO experts on the market
  • Be a part of a success that creates tomorrow's exciting new stories.
  • Work with the latest technologies from TELCO, Blockchain and AI fields
  • Enter into a strong professional team and boost your own skills to new heights.
  • Everyone has an important role and the results are always generated in close cooperation.

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