About Us


OVOO was established. We signed our first contract and successfully finished our first major project for Orange Poland


The start of a fruitful and still ongoing cooperation with T-Mobile Poland.


We began working on the most advanced VPABX solution in the world using SDP full stack.


Domestically - we signed Play (P4), currently the largest mobile telecom operator in Poland. However, we also expanded and signed our first international contract with the european branch of Deutsche Telekom.


Plenty of new projects for all of our currently signed customers. Strong development of own R&D and products of the OVOO brand.


We expanded beyond our continent by building and deploying solutions for Customers in Middle East, resulting in more than 30M transactions per day rated online using the public cloud


New projects and challenges grew our company’s staff more than 30% just that year alone. We also found much use for the CNF environment technology.


We delivered the New Prepaid big bang data migration and deployed the best rated Call Recording (MIFID compliant) for Virtual VPABX. We also started using Kubernetes and became a proud SIlver Member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation. All from our brand new office in Cracow.


We expanded yet again, becoming a strategic partner to Vanrise in Lebanon. Apart from geographical expansion, we also found some luck on the enterprise market and we secured a contract with the largest polish bank. Finally, we began working on BLOCKCHAIN projects for DT.


This year, we are planning to update our technology stack quite a bit, deploying projects based on blockchain, private networks, charging functions for 5G, Golang, Rust, and many more.

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