Cloud IVR better than all the others. It provides modern cloud communication not only for voice calls but also for SMS and MMS. Integration with ChatBot and VoiceBot will ensure the organization's entry to a higher level of customer service and a new experience. The premium class product is dedicated to telecommunications operators and large enterprises.


What is Cloud IVR

Businesses following global trends, choose to replace the traditional PABX systems in their offices with alternative solutions, including better and more functional Cloud IVR Systems.
Our solution brings together all the best values of traditional PABX, taking them to a new and better level. Our product is a fully convergent solution for Fixed, Mobile, VoIP, SIP Trunk, SMS, MMS.







How it works?

The system allows 100% communication regardless of the technology used for the connections. The system connects all telecommunications solutions and gives unlimited communication possibilities.

Cloud IVR is very easy to configure on a dedicated website. The administrator does not need to have any special IT knowledge to do the configuration.

Additionally, the solution enables call recording and integration with chatbot and voicebot.

Key features

  • Fixed, Mobile, SIP, SMS, MMS Convergence
  • IVR and announcements
  • Short numbers
  • Alternative CLIP (number masking)
  • Call & contact center reporting and analytics
  • Call transfer (blind, consultancy)
  • ChatBot & VoiceBot support
  • SS7, IMS, SIP Trunk, SMPP connectivity

Key benefits

all the time
Easy management
- web interface 24/7
Flexible and
scalable solution
Open source
based solution
IVR tree
Call recording

Additional features

\\ PABX features

\\ Call Recording

\\ Mobile, Fixed, VoIP Convergency

\\ SMS/MMS Integration

Who is Cloud IVR for?

If you are a Telecom Operator or an Enterprise and you are looking for a flexible solution based on an Open Source environment, our Cloud IVR is just for you.
If you are looking for more information on how you can implement Cloud IVR in your organization, please contact us.


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